Fontanarosa’s of Totowa has two butternut squash ravioli varieties

Anthony Fontanarosa, of the namesake ravioli company started in 1982 by his Italian-immigrant parents Michelina and Tony, is always looking for interesting new fillings for his square pasta pockets. At a local farmers’ market, he sampled a butternut squash soup with apples, which inspired him to create his butternut squash walnut ravioli. The apples are sautéed in the almond liqueur amaretto, and the walnuts are chopped into crunchy bits to add texture. Then, hoping to add a more savory butternut squash ravioli to his menu, he experimented with short ribs and sweet winter squash, a filling which ended up being too mushy. Eventually, he found a winning combination with butternut squash and Italian sausage. Both butternut squash raviolis are $10 for a box of 16 to 18 (14 ounces).

Fontanarosa’s Gourmet Specialty Foods, 86 Lincoln Ave., Totowa;; 973-942-7784.

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